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Get the best room rate

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You'll find most hotels in Temecula have fairly expensive nightly rates. Below are some tips on negotiating the lowest price possible.

Ask for the AAA discount.
Most auto club members forget about their membership perks. One of those perks is discounts at most major hotel chains. Just showing your membership card can save you up to 10%.

Ask for the AARP discount
Obviously, this is only valid for those that are in their golden years. Like the AAA discount, this easy and effective method is often overlooked.

Check with your employer
Often times large and medium sized organizations will work out deals with hotels. Call the hotel and simply mention the name of the company you work for and ask them to check if they have any discounts available.

Call the hotel directly
It's amazing that people rarely ask the customer service representative for specials or discounts. However, this one thing may save you hundreds of dollars! This usually works best if your booking a room during the week and when the hotel isn't busy. You'll also have the best luck if you call around 24 hours of your planned hotel stay.

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