Jul 2011
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Jul 2011
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Looking for some great scenery besides the beautiful beaches and nightlife in Southern California? There are some great mountain ranges available that offer you a prime look at nature and it's beauty. Take in the great sights of what these snowy mountain ranges have to offer!

Bear Mountain Ski Resort
One of the most popular places to relax and have vacation is at the Big Bear Mountain. It provides a great winter resort as well as summer resort for your needs. The great thing about this place is you get the best of both worlds. When it's spring and summertime, the mountain is perfect for hiking and riding your bike. The weather is great and typically has a steady temperature within its season. Bear Mountain at its peak is roughly 8,000+ feet. If you're looking for less of a challenge, there are other mountain peaks you can choose to make your experience much more enjoyable! This place is especially great for those looking to perfect their skills with the freestyle park built in the 90s.

Snow Summit
Snow Summit has a big history of some of the top snowboarders coming here to practice such as Shaun White for his freestyle runs. The place itself has a really vibrant alpine kind of aura, and is perfect for riders to really get into some deep terrain. Serious riders have the opportunity to have Olympic style runs with jumps, bumps, and the like to truly hone their skills. The Family Park is available for more beginner type of riders which has minimal difficulty as you learn the ropes to skiing and snowboarding. The great thing about Snow Summit is that it offers night skiing, and this has been a tradition for over 40 years.

Snow Valley
Another great place for the family is Snow Valley. There are a bunch of spots to check out like Snow Play, which allows you to just have free enjoyment while your family watches on enjoying a quick bite or drink. Also, there's a learning center available for your kids between 4-12 yrs old, so that they can learn the basics of riding to vastly improve their skills. It's a nice program that includes a full day with lunch or a half day without lunch. Don't limit yourself to just riding, but take in the nice restaurants which includes barbecue and grilled foods as well as bars for the adults.

Take full advantage of what these mountain resorts have to offer. Give yourself the opportunity to get away from everything and relax on the peaceful slopes with your family and friends skiing, snowboarding and more!


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