Jul 2011
Jul 2011

Located in the beautiful, vast Temecula Valley, Temecula Wineries are home to the most delicate and exquisite wines and wine tasting events and is the ideal place for a taste-experience of a life time that you will not soon forget.

Featured Wineries

Miramonte Winery
Founded in 2001, Miramonte Winery is one of the highly recognized and esteemed wineries in South California and is famed for their after hours wine tasting and rib cracking entertainment.Visit Webiste

Doffo Winery
At Doffo winery we are proud to share our Argentine and Italian heritage through our hand crafted style of wine making, which we hope translates to your experience.Visit Webiste


Other Wineries

Baily Vineyard & Winery
Established in 1986, Baily Vineyard and Winery produces award winning wine due to the dedication of the proprietors. Currently with an ultra modern wine making facility, you can enjoy authentic wine produced under controlled conditions.

Hart Winery
Producer of the famed fortified dessert wine made from Italian Aleatico grapes, Hart Winery begun in 1973. It produces more than ten types of wine some of them blended for that exotic unforgettable taste.

Falkner Winery
Located on the highest point of the Temecula Valley, Falkner Winery which was founded in 2000 prides itself in the premium wine production together with their one of a kind arts and gifts.

Callaway Vineyard & Winery
For fresh fruit, round body and crisp wines, Callaway Vineyard and inery is the place to visit. Consisting of a wine club, private event amenities, it the ideal place for an unforgettable romantic get away in one of the Temecula Wineries.

Keyways Vineyards & Winery
Keyways Vineyard and Winery established in 1989 is the only winery owned and run by a woman giving it that distinct feminine touch that has stolen many a heart.

Mount Palomar Winery
Situated on over 315 acres, Mount Palomar's winery, wine tasting room, spectacular views and exquisite wines are just the tip of the ice berg of this awesome winery with much more to offer in the future.

Oak Mountain Winery
Oak Mountain Winery, the home of two great wineries under one roof, produces superb varieties of the classic Bordeaux wine which you can enjoy in picturesque surroundings.

Stuart Cellars
At 1,420 feet above the valley floor, Stuart Cellars stand majestic and enjoy the awesome view of the entire valley. With the most exclusive fruits from the Temecula Wineries vineyards, they produce the choicest wines by aging them in genuine French Oak for that distinctive taste and bouquet.

Thornton Winery
For award winning wines enjoyed with succulent gourmet cuisine, find your way to Thornton Winery. Established in 1988, it continues to astound all wine lovers with their intricate and captivating sparkling wines.

Wiens Family Cellars
With a familial atmosphere to make you feel right at home, Wiens Family Cellars produces some of the best wine in Temecula Valley. Having begun as a family hobby, it blossomed into a great life changing wine experience every time you visit.

Monte De Oro Winery

Created by the wine passions from the United States, England and South Africa, Monte De Oro Winery produces high quality, exclusive wines that have won them numerous awards.

Masia De Yabar
A relatively young winery in Temecular with its origins in South Americcca, Masia De Yabar has a breathtaking view in Temecula Valley that appeals to all.

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