Jun 2011
Jun 2011

Southern California possesses a high density of some of the world's most famous theme parks, from Disneyland, Sea World, to Universal Studios. Providing fun for not only children, but adults of all ages as well, Southern California is an extremely attractive tourist destination of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of families worldwide annually. For those interested in taking a Southern California vacation this summer.


Possibly the most famous of all theme parks in the world, Disneyland in Anaheim, California has attracted over 600 million tourists since its opening in 1955 with its colorful cast of lovable cartoon characters and its harrowing level of detail found in the craftsmanship of their themed buildings. For non-local guests, the Disneyland Resort will accommodate families of all sizes. The park itself features eight primary themed "lands", such as Adventureland and Tomorrowland. Each hosts its own unique set of rides and attractions, sure to provide fun for children. Take a ride on Space Mountain, the flagship roller coaster in Disneyland. Since the park is very large, and walking would be very tiring over the course of several hours, there are monorail systems and railroads that can ferry people around the park.


If Disneyland wasn't good enough, some may like SeaWorld even more because it is at least an educational experience. Featuring a wide selection of aquatic animals that are brought over from all parts of the world, people can see these amazing creatures up close, as well as be informed about them by the many helpful guides at the park. Located in San Diego, California, the park hosts comedic shows involving sea animals, and features Journey to Atlantis, a water ride that shares similar characteristics with a roller coaster. Currently, there are six killer whales housed in San Diego's SeaWorld. Other animals at SeaWorld include bottlenose dolphins, sea turtles, penguins, Beluga whales, and sharks. Shipwreck Rapids is also another fun ride that involves going on to a tube-style raft, and most likely involves getting wet. A new highly anticipated attraction is due for the year 2012, called Manta, which is a roller coaster. Manta will also bring to its guests an exhibit of bat rays. For the less stalwart of visitors, there are more mild rides such as Elmo's Flying Fish, and Oscar's Rocking Eel.

Universal Studios
Lastly, Universal Studios Hollywood is a theme park where you can relive your favorite movies of the past from a different perspective. Also a famous Southern California vacation spot, have a taste of fine cuisine, courtesy of Eric Kopelow, an executive chef that utilizes the park's 40,000 square foot restaurant. Be sure to check out Revenge of the Mummy and Shrek 4-D, two of the newest attractions, along with The Simpsons Ride. Coming soon, Universal Studios Hollywood is set to complete Transformers. Let's just hope that ride is better than the actual movie. Finally, just when you thought you were done with Kevin Costner, his movie Waterworld appears right before your eyes again, in the form of Waterworld-A Live Sea War Spectacular. Now it begins to make sense as to why Universal Studios Hollywood is located in Los Angeles, California.

Whichever park you decide to visit, there are plenty of good places to eat inside, as well as prime hotel accommodations within a reasonable distance. Medical services are in tiptop shape and will immediately provide assistance when needed, so those traveling with the handicapped or elderly can relax. These Southern California vacation spots are world-class theme parks, managed by a very professional staff, ensuring that you get your money's worth when you visit.

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